Saturday, January 19, 2019

TOF® removes middlemen from direct services

Biosphere members privately screen, set terms with and manage their own clients. Facilitating bespoke functions protecting both sides in exchange, there are no costs for providers Collaborating participants control engagement. The Real-World Smart Contract® digital security or utility token privately accounts for all flexible exchanges and Location free, independent payments can be in any currency TOF® takes no commission

Confidential collaboration and intellectual property contracts carry decentralized verification pon self-disclosure centralized legal systems Concurrently nstant  blockchain registration of multimedia and content  copyright ownership is available


Following membership activation digital keys attach to Biosphere profiles. Communicating with TOF®'s secondary numerical only database, keys reference accounting summaries. Specific and select numerical only accounting summaries are ascribed innominate code. Conduct is anonymized on third level distributed ledger networks, blockchains body artists

 Through TOF®'s  secondary [numerical only] database, API integration automates The Other Blockchain’s transactions and dedicated, unique result page URL generation. These three additional entries update secured Biosphere  accounts thereby permitting associated participant’s private, decentralized data recall implementation

Moreover TOF®'s secondary database randomly collates pertinent decentralized numerical representations into groups. Groups form collective and cumulative RWSC® token valuation and execution timings Anonymity  is doubly enforced with periodically executed RWSC® group token transfer RWSC® tokens have no specific timing logic, data or valuation identifying one participant. vidence of ownership is at all times privately held, not publicly reflected by any one blockchain entry
RWSC  ownership control represents decentralized private value attribution. Individually held proof-of-stake, if you will. Creating additional anonymity, smart contracts may be executed across multiple networks. Stop-gap annexation minimizes risks. Member’s double as well as confidential 

confirmations, formally ascribed private keys and registered channels create a security window for further direct and individual verification

Transference of RWSC® ownership control is anonymously facilitated by equivalent portion group re-assignment. Blockchain executed RWSC® ownership portion transfer allows private interchange preceding [currency] conversion achievement. RWSC® ownership control may be transferred either in referencing or excluding collaboration activity. With immutable, personally held assurances the medium of payment exchange, conditions and collaboration valuation are determined by members themselves. Not by the public or markets

The Other Blockchain custom block-explorers are SSL tailored. Actively hosted on multiple servers across the Americas, Europe and Asia members may also apply to function as nodes. TOF® further owns bespoke decentralized applications which permit blockchain-neutral entry of anonymized Biosphere registrations

TOF® develops the authenticity and validity of  contract formulations, digital security services and confidential binding registrations. Biosphere facilitates collaboration with privately owned decentralized security and encryption. Publicly anonymized the adjustable RWSC® accounts for details and conditions of direct collaboration with immutable precision

 TOF® has no possible influence on value or variations. The RWSC® works as a registered contract security extension. As contracts are independently held and executed, a purchasing member’s self-directed decision to value his or her RWSC® ownership portion becomes a securely anonymized accounting function

The Beginning

RWSC  and The Other Blockchain were built to allow private use of tools necessary in making choice personal. What manifests however is not decided by us. That is up to you